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Biosüsse hazelnut chocolate cream 200 g

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13,125 Ft/kg
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pcs (200 g)
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Gross price: 2,625Ft
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Product descriptions

Biosüsse BIO Chocolate cream - hazelnut cream Contents: 200 g organic hazelnut and nougat cream with 30% hazelnuts, coconut blossom sugar and erythritol sweetener from a certified organic farm ? organic ? fructose free ? gluten free ? non-GMO ? stevia-free ? palm oil free Average nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 2164 kJ/523 kcal Fat 44 g - of which saturated fat 6,1 g Carbohydrate 22 g - of which sugar 14 g Dietary fibre 4,3 g Protein 7,5 g Salt 0,09 g Contents: 200 g organic hazelnut nougat cream with 30% hazelnuts, coconut blossom sugar and erythritol sweetener from a certified organic farm - high in hazelnuts - without palm oil - non-GMO - calorie-free sweetened with organic sweetener Creamy temptation/temptation - as a chocolate cream on a slice of bread or for baking/cooking The renewed Organic Chocolate Cream seduces with its intense flavour and deliciously creamy texture. Organic sweeteners and coconut blossom sugar give the chocolate cream a pleasant sweetness that is impossible to resist. The whole production process is entirely without the addition of household sugar and palm oil. Natural nutty-chocolate taste The secret of the renewed Biosüsse chocolate cream lies in the hazelnut flavour and the richness of the fine cocoa. Melt-in-the-mouth smooth, creamy nutty and just a hint of vanilla - that's what makes Biosüsse chocolate cream so sublime. In addition to eating on its own, it's great for baking, for example in croissants, pancakes and other cakes. Conscious enjoyment Organic, non-GMO, without stevia and palm oil. Also ideal for those on a calorie-conscious diet. Sweetened with calorie-free Organic Sweetener. Ingredients. 30 % MOGYORO*, sunflower seed oil*, sweetener: erythritol* 20 %, coconut blossom sugar*, 5 % non-fat cocoa powder*, TEJ powder*, cocoa butter 3,6 %*, rice syrup powder*, corn starch*, emulsifier: soya lecithin*, bourbon vanilla extract* * organic product Allergens: Contains peanuts, milk, soya lecithin! May also contain other nuts!

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