For purchases over HUF 15,000 delivery is free for our retail customers!

Important information and factsfor our existing and future retailers:

I. Registration

In Bijó Speciality Store, purchases at trader list prices are only possible with a customer loyalty card (purchase card). The trade of food, organic and health food, herbal and medicated preparations shall be included into our partner’s main activity. Its operating license shall cover the following TEÁOR numbers: 4711, 472, 478, 4791, 4773, 4774, 4775, 861, 862,869, 9602, 9604.

The following documents are required for registration.
In the case of companies:

  1. Certificate or decision of incorporation
  2. Specimen signature or sample signature
  3. Operating licence or certificate of the performance of trading activities
  4. Filled-out and signed contract which is to be uploaded – after scanning – into our system

In the case of sole proprietors:

  1. Document in proof of the existence of the sole proprietorship (certificate or sole proprietor’s licence)
  2. Operating licence or certificate of the performance of trading activities
  3. Filled-out and signed contract which is to be uploaded – after scanning – into our system

The reseller contract can be downloaded from: viszonteladói szerződés

If the registrant is not the person holding signatory rights on behalf of the company, an authorisation shall also be required.

Please take your purchase card with you to all personal purchases, as companies can only purchase goods at trading prices in the Bijó Speciality Store upon upon presentation of their cards.

If you have lost your card, please notify our Customer Service immediately so that we can inactivate it.
If you lose your card, or if your card is destroyed, you may ask for a new card, for which you will be charged HUF 1,000. One reseller may request not more than 2 cards free of charge.

In-person purchase:

Opening hours: Partners will be served between 07:00 and 19:00 on weekdays, and between 9:00 and 17:00 on Saturdays. The trader is closed on Sundays.

Payment for purchases can be made in cash, with bank cards or transfer (based on prior agreement, undertaking of monthly turnover plan and surety).

Bijó's management has decided to keep the following measures in place to ensure continued growth:

  • No fee is charged for shipping and additional orders.
  • Resellers may purchase at wholesale prices, regardless of the previous month’s turnover. We will not inspect the monthly purchase limit.
  • No limit is imposed on orders.

We do not, however, compromise – we maintain the benefits that have become customary, continuously striving for the highest possible quality: 

  • The widest product range
  • The longest opening hours
  • Continuous Customer Service managing orders, questions and issues
  • Multiple weekly tours to help partners' stock management

Useful information:
It is forbidden to bring bags larger than 20 cm x 30 cm into the sales area,  they shall be placed in the luggage lockers in the lobby. We take no responsibility for objects deposited in the luggage lockers. Children are also allowed to enter the Bijó Speciality Store!

By entering the area of the Speciality Store, you accept the effective Policy, which is available at the reception of the Bijó Speciality Store in printed version, as well as at

 HERE  to see the prevailing rules of the house of Bijó Speciality Store. You are kindly asked to observe the Rules of the House.

Bijó Office Building's Parking Regulation is accessible
HERE! You are kindly asked to observe the Parking Regulation.


II. Registration of orders

When submitting our order, please specify the designation and packaging presentation (even the article number, if possible) or barcode of the product correctly. This will make the work of our customer service staff a lot easier and help reduce the quantity of goods shipped by mistake, as well as improve the accuracy of deliveries. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Customer service:
Customer service is available between 07:00 and 19:00 on weekdays but orders are accepted only until 17:00.
Customer service is available between 09:00 and 17:00 on Saturdays.

Price lists:
Bijó Kft. will to your e-mail address its price lists containing its commercial, promotional, newly listed, to be discontinued, imported and own-label products in the form of electronic newsletters (for information). The price lists so transmitted shall not be considered as formal price quotations. Having registered in the webshop, you will be able to request individual price lists.

Place your orders using the contact details below:

By phone, at +361-814-6450, between 7:00 and 17:00 on weekdays, and between 09:00 and 17:00 on Saturdays.

E-mail:, 7/24, 365

Fax +36 1 814 6488 7/24, 365

Web: 7/24, 365

You are kindly asked to submit your orders through our webshop, to minimise errors and accelerate service!

III. Delivery deadlines

Bijó Kft. delivers goods all over Hungary on every weekday (Mondays to Fridays) No deliveries are made on Saturdays, even on working Saturdays.

Orders received by 12:00 on a given workday will be delivered on the next or the requested working day during the shop's working hours.

Orders received after 12:00 on a given workday will be handed over to the courier service on the next requested working day, therefore delivery will be made on the subsequent working day, during the shop's working hours.

Please be aware of our nationwide Tour type delivery service whereby we can supply your shop in the easiest and most reliable way! For more information on the Tour type shipping service, please do not hesitate to contact our 
Customer Service!

In-person receipt of delivery: In case you wish to take over the goods you have ordered: you can do so, if your order was placed by 12:00 on a given working day, after 17:00 on the same day, while those you ordered after 12:00 on the given working day, from 07:00 on the next working day.

Please be informed that the delivery deadlines may be extended during specific periods such as holidays, extended weekends or temporarily as a consequence of unforeseeable labour market complications; for more information, please visit the website or contact our customer service!

IV. Delivery fees


We aim to serve your needs as smoothly and accurately as possible, with the highest possible quality and cost-effectiveness.

Delivery along the tour routes is FREE OF CHARGE all over Hungary. The tour routes have not been altered in Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary.

In the case of orders below a net amount of HUF 70,000, requested to be delivered by courier service (MPL, other) HUF 2,900 is charged. Orders over HUF 70,000 are shipped FREE OF CHARGE!

For details regarding tours and the taking of orders please clickthe link below.

V. Discounts

Our regular customers (purchasing products at least twice a month) may be provided with discounts off the trader prices depending on monthly turnover. Discounts may only be set after successful negotiation with our Sales Department.

We reserve the right to deviate from the above, and in the event of any changes, we will notify you by means of a newsletter at your electronic contact details.