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Mclloyds organic kimifinne extruded snack cheese tortillas 30 g

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Gross unit price:
14,833 Ft/kg
Packaging unit:
pcs (30 g)
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Gross price: 445Ft
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Product descriptions


Crunchy corn snack for every day!

McLloyd -
Organic ranges from baby food for children over 7 months, children's products and teen snacks to adult products for all ages. Made with organic ingredients, no added sugar or salt, no allergens, no gluten.

Every teenager's adventure starts with Kimifinne. Playful shapes, sophisticated flavours and unique characters for the most joyful time of our lives.

McLloyd Organic Kimifinne Cheese Flavoured Corn Tortillas are made from fibre-rich organic cornmeal. The small triangle-shaped mini cheese corn tortillas can be used in a variety of ways, whether it's for a trip, a hike or a mid-day school snack. Kids are sure to enjoy them for their unique cheesy taste and crunchy design.

McLloyd Organic Kimifinne is gluten and soy free with no added nuts. They are made using only organic sunflower oil, produced in the European Union, with a high oleic acid content and no trans fats. Because all products are fried, they are not only trans fat free, but also contain up to 60% less fat than similar snacks on the market.

Treat your kids to a healthy snack with McLloyd Organic Kimifinne Triangles. We're for anyone who loves chips or snack products and is keen to try something healthier and more unique.

The benefits of McLloyd Bio Kimifinne?

  • Crunchy and tasty crisps.
  • Ideal for kids, adults at parties and get-togethers.
  • Made from organic corn and rich in fibre.
  • Gluten free, soy and nut free.

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