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Fine Line miracle eraser with sponge 1 pc

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Product descriptions

Our product is made of melamine eco-sponge. Melamine is a polymer that, when in contact with water, turns into tiny glass-hard granules, gently removing almost all dirt. Using Chodaradir is a chemical-free way to remove stubborn dirt. It is very important for us to keep our health, so using the eraser eliminates the side effects of harmful chemicals. The sponge wears down continuously during use, so it is completely environmentally friendly as there is no waste left behind. The Chodar Eraser erases easily: - felt-tip pen and pen marks on walls, furniture, textiles - coffee and tea stains - shoeprints from ceramic tiles, laminate flooring - leather sofas, bags, sports shoes - carpets, upholstery - microwave ovens, hobs and stainless steel appliances - bathroom equipment - glass, mirrors - dishes, all stubborn dirt. Use: Moisten the surface to be cleaned and the Chodarad. Wipe the surface of the water and the dishwasher with a light, circular motion. Rinse the cleaned surface. Remove any dirt on the Chodaradrite with running water, or soaking if the dirt is stubborn. Do not twist the eraser, shake to remove excess water. The eraser can be cut to the desired size. The eraser will wear during use. Scratch test before use. Do not use with chemicals! Keep out of reach of children! Do not use on body surface! Does not contain phosphate.

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