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Dr Riedl botox anti-age serum 30 ml

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pcs (30 ml)
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Product descriptions

Active ingredients: argireline peptide, collagen, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil

Skin type: for all skin types

The concentrated active ingredients and lightweight texture allow the skin to penetrate deeper into the dermis. Works well with day or night creams, multiplying their power.

Its special active ingredient Argireline, with botox action, weakens the transmission of stimuli necessary for muscle contraction, thus reducing the depth of expression lines, frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, crow's feet.

It contains a high concentration of regenerating plant collagen, grape seed oil to prevent skin ageing and moisturising, revitalising olive oil. Thanks to its lightweight formula, it is easily absorbed. Also recommended for ultrasound treatments. Free from petroleum derivatives and artificial colouring.

Effect of active ingredients on the skin:

Argireline peptide: also known as "cosmetic botox", active ingredient with anti-wrinkle action

Collagen: guardian of youth, important in maintaining skin elasticity. Collagen in the body is not replenished by itself, its production slows down steadily from the age of 25, decreases by the age of 30-40 and stops completely by the age of 50-60. Its deficiency is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles.

Grapeseed oil: provides elasticity to the skin, prevents premature ageing, regenerates collagen tissues, stimulates their growth and improves the condition of flabby skin. It is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, particularly suitable for dry, mature skin.

Olive oil: prevents skin dehydration and dehydration, helps to restore the skin's protective layer, helps skin renewal, has a moisturising effect. Regular use gradually reduces fine lines around the eyes and mouth.


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