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Dr Riedl intensive eye wrinkle cream 30 ml

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pcs (30 ml)
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Product descriptions

Active ingredients: plant hyaluron, organic lettuce buttercup extract, apple stem cell

Skin type: recommended from 25 years of age

The plant hyaluronic acid replaces the hyaluronic acid that is depleted with age, the Swiss apple stem cell extract stimulates the activity of our skin's own stem cells, the high vitamin C content of organic argan oil and lettuce leaf extract inhibits the elongation of collagen and elastin fibres, and the urea increases the skin's water absorption capacity.

The plant ingredients are effective in reducing the depth of wrinkles in the delicate area around the eyes. They improve the microcirculation of blood and lymph, helping to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes. Free of petroleum derivatives and artificial colouring.

Effect of active ingredients on the skin:

Vegetable hyaluronic acid: replaces hyaluronic acid which is depleted with age

Swiss apple stem cell extract: stimulates the activity of our skin's own stem cells

Organic argan oil: smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and revitalizes the skin

Lettuce buttercup extract: high in vitamin C, inhibits the elongation of collagen and elastin fibres

Urea: increases the skin's ability to absorb water

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