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Biorganik organic bulgur 500 g

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Gross unit price:
2,248 Ft/kg
Packaging unit:
pcs (500 g)
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Gross price: 1,124Ft
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Product descriptions

Bulgur is a popular staple in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Bulgur is made by harvesting the wheat when it is not fully ripe, pre-cooking it in water or steam, drying it and then crushing it. As the whole wheat grain is used, the valuable nutrients in the bran and germ are retained.

As it is similar in appearance to rice and very easy to prepare, it can be easily incorporated into the diet, and using bulgur instead of white rice or, for example, taro, can make the diet more varied and healthy. Another advantage is that it softens in half the time of brown rice.

Significance, effects:

Bulgur is rich in fibre, which not only aids digestion and relieves constipation, but is also beneficial for people with blood sugar or cholesterol problems. It also has a low glycaemic index and is therefore recommended for diabetics.

It has a high iron content in minerals and is rich in B vitamins.


Can be prepared in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to mix it with spices, pour twice as much boiling water over it, cover and leave to stand for 20 minutes. For a more intense flavour, fry in a little oil until golden brown, then add boiling water and cook for about 12-15 minutes until tender.

It is usually eaten as a side dish, as a substitute for rice or chickpeas, but is also excellent on its own with tomatoes and other vegetables. Originally, bulgur was the basis for pilaf. It can also be eaten sweet, with fresh or dried fruit.

  • Jellemzők
    • vegan
      • Yes
    • sugar-free
      • Yes
    • added sugar-free
      • Yes
    • low sugar
      • Yes
    • low sugar
      • Yes
    • low carbohydrate
      • Yes
    • organic
      • Yes
  • per 100 g
    • KJ
      • 1436 kJ
    • kcal
      • 340 kcal
    • fat
      • 1.3 g
    • of which saturated fatty acids
      • 0.2 g
    • carbohydrate
      • 63.4 g
    • of which sugars
      • 0.4 g
    • protein
      • 12.3 g
    • salt
      • 0.04 g
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