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Safi Reform arrowroot flour 500g

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Gross unit price:
4,720 Ft/kg
Packaging unit:
pcs (500 g)
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Gross price: 2,360Ft
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Product descriptions

The use of arrowroot flour is recommended for thickening sauces, gravies, stews, soups, puddings, pasta, cakes and puddings. It is also an excellent substitute for wheat flour and corn starch.

What is arrowroot and arrowroot flour?
Arrowroot cultivation dates back 7000 years.

The origin of its name:

The indigenous people of the Caribbean used it to heal wounds caused by arrows.
The underground tuber (small, cylindrical, creamy white) of the arrowroot plant, which grows in the Caribbean and South America, is used to make fine-grained flour.
Arrowroot flour is a tasteless, white, powdery (like talcum powder) raw material.

What can arrowroot flour be used for?
Arrowroot flour works in a similar way to cornstarch, making it an excellent thickener for sauces, gravies, stews, soups and puddings (two teaspoons of arrowroot flour is equivalent to one tablespoon of cornstarch).
Arrowroot flour is also an excellent substitute for wheat flour, so you can make delicious paleo breads, pastries, biscuits and muffins with arrowroot flour (approx. 1 teaspoon of arrowroot flour = 1 tablespoon of wheat flour).

Why is it better to cook with arrowroot flour than tapioca starch?
Arrowroot flour is tolerant of acidic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, unlike tapioca starch. Therefore, tapioca starch is unsuitable for making certain fruit sauces, jellies and gravies.
Paleo breads, baked goods and cakes made from arrowroot flour can be frozen, but tapioca starch can be frozen, which changes its consistency after freezing.

  • Jellemzők
    • added sugar-free
      • Yes
  • per 100 g
    • KJ
      • 1481 kJ
    • kcal
      • 348 kcal
    • fat
      • 0 g
    • of which saturated fatty acids
      • 0 g
    • carbohydrate
      • 86.9 g
    • of which sugars
      • 0.1 g
    • protein
      • 0.2 g
    • salt
      • 0.07 g
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