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Szafi Reform fibre mix for reduced carbohydrate products 250 g

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14,716 Ft/kg
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pcs (250 g)
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Gross price: 3,679Ft
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Product descriptions

A fibre-rich, gluten-free, unflavoured natural fibre blend that can be added to other flours to significantly reduce the carbohydrate content of the finished dish.

Can also be used on its own

It can be used to make any kind of bread, pastry, sponge cake, loaf, etc...

Suggested use:

Fibre-rich bread recipe (gluten-free bread with 97% reduced carbohydrate content):


  • 75 g of fibre blend for Safi Reform low carbohydrate products.
  • 12 g of Safi Reform bamboo fibre flour
  • 12 g phosphate-free baking powder (can be replaced with 3 g baking soda)
  • 3 g salt
  • 2-4 g dried ground garlic (or other spice mix)
  • 3 eggs M
  • 3 egg whites M
  • 90 g lukewarm water (20 g water can be replaced with 20 g freshly squeezed lemon juice for a more delicious, pale and white colour!)

You can also add 1 tsp egg white powder to make the inside drier.

This is a basic bread recipe, and can be further enhanced with seeds, dried onions, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, etc...


  • Mix the dry and liquid ingredients in a separate bowl, then mix together.
  • After resting for 5 minutes, form the dough into loaves with wet hands and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  • It can be made into baguettes, buns, bread rolls and croissants, making 4 pieces.
  • Use a sharp knife to make a deep cut in the top.


  • 60-65 minutes in a preheated 175°C fan oven.
  • 35 minutes in a 175°C fan oven.
  • Let cool on a wire rack and slice only when completely cool.

Ingredients. Bamboo fibre, plantain seed husks, acidity regulator (citric acid), thickener (konjac gum).

The product may contain sesame seeds, mustard seeds, celery, walnuts, sulphites, lupins!

  • Jellemzők
    • milk-free
      • Yes
    • gluten-free
      • Yes
    • added sugar-free
      • Yes
    • low carbohydrate
      • Yes
    • soy-free
      • Yes
  • per 100 g
    • KJ
      • 785 kJ
    • kcal
      • 196 kcal
    • fat
      • 0.5 g
    • of which saturated fatty acids
      • 0.1 g
    • carbohydrate
      • 1.1 g
    • of which sugars
      • 0.6 g
    • fibre
      • 91.6 g
    • protein
      • 0.9 g
    • salt
      • 0.23 g
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