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Heitmann hygienic dishwasher cleaning powder 30 g

Article number:
Storage place:
Gross unit price:
32,633 Ft/kg
Packaging unit:
pcs (30 g)
pallet=8520pcs, box=15pcs
VAT rate:
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Gross price: 979Ft
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Product descriptions

For food-safe, hygienic cleanliness. The innovative HEITMANN express dishwasher cleaner is 3X more active in cleaning grease, scale and unpleasant odours from your dishwasher even on a short programme. Fast, powerful, economical. Environmentally friendly, a valuable energy and time saver. It saves up to 35% water, 45% electricity and 75% time on the best-known machines. Our performance and environmental promises: - cleans gently even in a short programme - 3X activity against grease, scale and dirt - Saves time, energy and money - up to 35% water, 45% electricity and 75% time. - eliminates unpleasant odours - maintains the performance of the dishwasher Its intensive power removes deposits of scale, grease and other contaminants to keep your dishwasher hygienically clean. It is also effective in places that are invisible and difficult to reach, such as a pump, pipe, nozzle or filter. Regular use will prolong the life of your dishwasher (and your dishes will look better for a while after cleaning...).

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