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Naturhelix ear candle variations 10 pcs

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514 Ft/pcs
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package (10 pcs)
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Product descriptions

The Naturhelix Variations ear candle is a special product because there are 5 different scented candles in each pack. These fragrances are: propolis (2 candles), crystal (2 candles), mace (2 candles), chamomile (2 candles), lemongrass (2 candles).

How does the ear candle work?

Ear candling is a simple natural remedy that can be used at home. Burning an ear candle attached to the entrance of the external ear canal creates a vibrating, oscillating column of warm air in the 'tube' formed by the ear candle and the ear canal. This vibrating column of air with periodically varying pressure "massages" the very sensitive eardrum and, through it, the entire anatomy of our hearing. The rate / frequency / of vibration is below the audible range. Centuries of experience have shown that this vibration, which is different from audible sounds, can have a beneficial effect on our auditory system and stimulates the ear acupuncture points that are otherwise very difficult to reach.

The vibration effect can improve circulation and relieve ear and sinus problems. The soothing, relaxing experience of ear candling can help to relieve stressful complaints, relaxation and recreation.

Of course, this vibrating, oscillating column of warm air does not suck anything out of the ear canal. However, a correctly administered ear candle treatment can loosen earwax, which usually drains out of the ear on its own within a day or two after treatment (e.g. at night, during sleep).

Suggested use:

We recommend a few "trial" ear candling sessions for any complaint. If no improvement is noticed after three treatments, then ear candling will not be a solution to that problem and it is not worth trying any further.

Ear candling may alleviate symptoms for the following complaints based on long-standing use and experience:

  • Ear candling has a calming effect on children and adults alike; it helps relieve stress and helps to relax.
  • Ear candles stimulate acupuncture points in the ear canal that are not otherwise accessible.
  • Relieve symptoms of minor ear complaints, earache, ear itching, external auditory canal inflammation.
  • Relieve symptoms of colds, allergic rhinitis, colds, flu symptoms.
  • To relieve symptoms of sinusitis, sinusitis.
  • To relieve symptoms of pressure problems in the ear during flying.
  • Water sports,

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