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Bach flower essence white horse chestnut 10 ml

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Product descriptions

White Chestnut The flower of thinking

For all those whose minds are occasionally dominated by unwanted thoughts, ideas and inner dialogues. Distressing thoughts arise again and again, and even if they sometimes disappear, they stubbornly return later, chasing away peace of mind. They make it impossible to think about one's pleasures, work or daily pleasures.

The White Chestnut is the source of clear thoughts. It frees the mind from tormenting ideas, helps to free the mind from vicious cycles of negative thinking, and helps to overcome obsessive thoughts. It helps concentration, clears thoughts and helps solve problems. It can also improve headaches and sleep disturbances caused by over-stressed thinking.

Bach flower essences are made exclusively according to the original instructions and guidelines of Dr. Edward Bach and his colleagues (Nora Weeks, Victor Bullen).

Many of the plants can be found in the wild in our country (almost all of them in the former Great Hungary!), and we have tried to prepare them in the purest possible environment (national parks, protected areas).

Plants that do not live in the wild in Hungary (sylvanot, olive trees) were sought out in their original habitat and used to prepare the mother plants. The method of preparation (sunbathing or cooking) corresponded in all cases to the original descriptions.

We have given a number of the newly prepared series for testing and comparison to a number of experienced practitioners in the field who have been using Bach therapy and English essences for many years.

The feedback was surprisingly clear and positive: almost everyone considered the home series to be better than the English one. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the artisanal nature of the production (no machines are used in any step of the production of the essences, and the bottles are filled individually by hand, in compliance with food hygiene standards, in a laboratory controlled by the ÁNTSz), on the other hand, we have used, as far as possible, wild plants from the Carpathian Basin, which are obviously more in harmony with the people living here than Western European species.

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