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Olimp Labs magmax b6 tablets 50 tablets

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Product descriptions

OLIMP Labs MagMAX B6™ - 50 tablets

687 mg magnesium citrate in one tablet!

Support for our muscles and nervous system!

Olimp Mag Max B6 contains high levels of the most bioavailable organic magnesium citrate and vitamins B6 and B1! It is essential for the functioning of our muscles, the health of our heart and for a calmer handling of stressful life situations!

It's amazing how one of the smallest amounts of this substance in our bodies is essential for so many processes! Moreover, as well as being able to be stored in minimal amounts, our bodies can also be depleted very quickly by stress, tobacco and alcohol consumption, for example, or physical activity. In such cases, the symptoms of deficiency appear almost immediately: irritability, concentration problems, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, headaches and heart rhythm disturbances! In the longer term, symptoms that are thought to be the result of the negative effects of civilisation and ageing, but are in fact caused by a prolonged magnesium deficiency, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and blood fat levels, or even type II diabetes, appear!

This is exacerbated by the fact that the body can only utilise the minerals it ingests in their so-called 'organic' form, so that only a few percent of inorganic magnesium oxide, for example, is utilised, the rest causing intestinal irritation (bloating, diarrhoea).

Olimp Mag Max B6 contains organic magnesium citrate, which is easily and unproblematically utilized by the body, does not cause digestive problems and is utilized orders of magnitude better than conventional magnesium supplements, so it really does provide magnesium to the body!


  • Reduces the chance of developing cramps!
  • Supports the nervous system!
  • Supports heart muscle function!
  • Reduces blood pressure!
  • Involved in the production of several metabolic enzymes!
  • May help prevent the onset of age-related (type II) diabetes!
  • As one of the building blocks of bones, and by "cooperating" with calcium, it helps prevent

  • Jellemzők
    • lactose-free
      • Yes
    • sugar-free
      • Yes
    • vegan
      • Yes
    • gluten-free
      • Yes
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