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Benecos nail polish cotton candy 5 ml

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pcs (5 ml)
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Product descriptions

Benecos nail polishes offer exciting options for your nails in a range of beautiful shades!


  • Contains at least 80% natural ingredients
  • 20-FREE
  • Enriched with French apple seed oil and biotin (vitamin H)
  • Water- and breathable
  • Vegan
  • 5ml

Ournew vegan, plant-based Benecos 20-MENTES nail polish formulation contains at least 80% naturally derived ingredients, derived from naturally renewable raw materials. The texture has been developed to be extra breathable and water permeable, allowing water and oxygen molecules to pass through the polish to the nail. In addition, we have enriched the nail polish with nourishing French apple seed oil , a by-product of cider production, which has a fantastic effect on our nail polishes - together with biotin (=vitamin H), it nourishes and provides beautiful nails.

The benecos nail polish

  • for intense coverage,
  • short drying time,
  • beautiful shine,
  • excellent spreadability
  • and of course the 20-FREE formula,

which means it does NOT contain the following ingredients:

Toluene, halogenated organics, phthalates, rosin (resin), camphor, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), ethyl tosylamides, polyurethane, xylene, acetone, styrene/acrylate copolymer, ingredients of animal origin, benzophenones (and other UV filters octocrylene, ethylene), PEG derivatives, nanomaterials as defined in the EU Cosmetics Regulation, acetyl tributyl citrate, solid micro-plastic particles.

Try our new vibrant colours: sharp rosé (pearly light pink), oh la la! (bright pink), peach sorbet (neon peach), ...etc.

Application: nails must be free of grease before painting. You can use an oil-free nail polish remover or wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Paint from the centre to the left and right outside. Allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a second coat to make the manicure even more durable. For best durability, apply 2 coats of coloured polish, followed by the "crystal" top coat. Allow to air dry thoroughly. To harden, hold under ice-cold water for a short time.

Package: 5 ml

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